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CDL class A Behind-the-Wheel

GO4CDL is the best truck driving school in California for students looking to pass practice tests for CDL. Combined with our modern training center, our experienced and skilled instructors will help you pass practice CDL tests and prepare you for a new career as a professional commercial driver.

Starting a career as a truck driver gives you more freedom to choose. Sometimes it is difficult to select the training that is best for you. GO4CDL offers CDL behind-the-wheel training so you can get your CDL and become a professional truck driver.

We will assist you in meeting the safety, skill, and requirements necessary for successfully passing a CDL practice test. GO4CDL supplies qualified and highly experienced drivers for the trucking industry.

At GO4CDL, we focus on the preparation of our students for a successful career in the trucking industry. Our CDL class A Behind-the-Wheel Program is designed to equip our students with the skills needed for passing practice class a CDL test.

Our instructors are experienced and CA DMV certified to carry out these objectives.  They will help you implement and practice skills in the company yard and on the public roads.

What skills are required for passing CDL behind-the-wheel test?

The behind-the-wheel program consists of two sections: range training and public road training. Each of them has specific instruction requirements. ELDT doesn’t require a minimum number of total hours of btw trucking, but trucking schools must record the total amount of time driver-trainees spend on the road.

Our training program takes 3 weeks (120 hours) and is based on the new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) DOT regulations and CA DMV is Commercial State License requirements.

The DOT defined the following areas that instructors will assess your proficiency behind the wheel:

Range Training includes practicing skills on a driving range such as

Behind the Wheel — our instructors will teach skills needed for the practice test for CDL class A on a public road

The skills that our instructors will discuss at public road training, but students are not required to demonstrate proficiency in them during class a practice test California:

At the behind-the-wheel training, you will practice your skills in a vehicle that represents your chosen CDL class or endorsement that you want to receive. So, if a student is going to obtain a Class B license, their training on the road has to take place in a Class B commercial vehicle. The instructors will assess each student's performance of the required skills on the range and on public roads.

Ready To Put Yourself In The Truck Drivers Seat With GO4CDL?

When looking into trying a career in big rigs, the first place to start is to attend our trucking school GO4CDL. You will get quality educational courses where you can learn everything you need to know to hit the road. Our benefits, you can gain by attending our trucking school, are:

As you know that driving laws are different from state to state.  Our professional instructors are knowledgeable about all the current driving laws for truck drivers in our state.  

Everyone can learn about driving in books and on YouTube, but getting behind-the-wheel training makes a great difference in the trucking industry.  In our truck driving school, you will receive an experience that includes many hours at the behind-the-wheel training. It will help you be prepared for unexpected situations you can meet on the road and stay calm and controlled.

If you have your driver's license and feel comfortable behind the wheel in most situations, but some situations can happen that make you uncomfortable when you are a truck driver.  Our experienced instructors will help you improve the specific skills needed for truck drivers.

Our truck driving school is the perfect way to learn new driving skills that are necessary for operating a CMV.

Your trucking career is within reach, call us today and begin your education today. GO4CDL will make sure our students are nothing but successful every step of the way.