Truck Driving School
About Us
Our school is created and managed by experienced trucking professionals.
Nick Yarmolyuk
Founder & President

Nick built from the ground up a reputable and well-known trucking company, alongside a beautiful facility in Rocklin, CA.

Nick is passionate about helping students not only learn the physical skills they need to be truck drivers but also help them develop a wide range of professional skills that help them make a successful living and well-being.

Andy Savchenko

Andy Savchenko has more than a decade of experience in the trucking industry, including specializations in safety, claims, and business administration.

He has helped many students transform into safe, successful, strong drivers throughout his professional career.

Sam Blaja

Sam Blaja has driven in all the 48 contiguous states in the United States, learning what it takes to be a safe and effective driver throughout his many years of experience.

In addition to his extensive driving experience, Sam has spent over five years working as a safety manager for multiple trucking companies.

Alex W

Alex knows exactly what it takes to earn a CDL, as in the past he was a CDL examiner for the DMV.

He also has multiple years of experience working in safety and driver’s management positions for multiple different trucking companies.

Alex Skiba

Alex Skiba is a professional truck driver mentor, who has found a passion for training new drivers and helping them grow professionally in the trucking space.

He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with as many students as possible.