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10 Pros and Cons of Local Truck Driving Jobs


When you get your CDL, you are looking for a successful truck driving job. Many students of truck driving schools are interested in local driving options.  However, it is a little hard to get local jobs, immediately after graduating a trucking school. 

The question is what are the pros and cons of truck driving? So, local truck driving is a good match for many drivers. In this article, let's look at the most common pros and cons of trucking and decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

List of the Pros of Being a Local Truck Driver

  • Home Time

Many drivers choose local truck driving jobs because they can spend more nights with their family at home. That’s probably the biggest advantage for most people, especially for truck drivers with a family.

Local trucker doesn't have long routes that can extend through several states. They typically stay within a 50-100-mile radius. Local truck drivers don't spend several days finishing their routes. They typically complete their routes in a single day and don't spend the nights at motels.

  • Have Weekends Off

If you are driving local areas, you can have your weekends off and rest with your family or friends. However, this depends on your trucking company and what you’re transporting, but many local truck drivers stay at home on the weekends. So you have an opportunity to attend different events with your friends.

  • Have an Excellent Life Balance

It is very important for truck drivers to have work/life balance. So driving local areas can be hard work, but it gives you an opportunity to be present in your daily relationships at home. So if you are interested - is local truck driving a good career, you need to find a balance with your family and your work, and the rewards can be plentiful. If you want to be physically available for the important moments in your life, local truck driving job is what you need.

  • Health Advantages

Local truck drivers spend less time on the road than regional drivers do. They don't only have advantages of home time, also they have some serious health benefits. Local drivers are more active, make more stops and move more throughout the day.  So, local drivers have less stressful situations on the road.

  • Fixed schedule

If you like to have a set routine, choose local trucking jobs. Truckers driving local areas usually have a set hourly schedule that they can rely on. So you can plan how you want to spend your time outside of work. Also truck drivers feel comfortable knowing when they will be at home and when they need to leave.

List of the Cons of Being a Local Truck Driver

Local truckers transport goods in their own areas, usually for specific stores. You will need to pick up the materials at the local company, deliver them to a specific place and then report back in the evening.

You can count a lot of positive benefits to receive local truck driver salary, that doesn’t make it ideal for everyone.  There are a few cons to consider when you are deciding to become a local truck driver, for example - how much does a local truck driver make?

  • Competitive Job

The demand for local truck drivers is very high. Though, local truck driving salary is low, local truck driving jobs are very competitive. Trucking companies can afford to choose the best driver as they have many interested candidates.

This job requires drivers to have some experience in truck driving (a minimum of one year over the road).

As applicants for this job are enough, you have to make a positive impression when you apply.

If you can’t become a local truck driver right away, get more experience to have more chances down the road.

  • Loading and Unloading

Often local truck drivers deliver goods to small business locations and they are required physical labor. Frequent stops depends on your company and what you are hauling.

Sometimes truck drivers need to load and/or unload their trucks. If you want to stay in shape, it can be a good weight lifting workout!

If the requirement is too hard for you, think about this position wisely before your interview.

  • Lower local truck driver pay

On average, local truck drivers salary is lower than the average OTR position. If you are interested how much do local truck drivers make - it's about $54,885 annually (OTR drivers - $63,900). If you can allow receiving the smaller paycheck, it's a good opportunity to have the better work/life balance.  Obviously, this must be your choice based on many factors.

  • Job can take long hours

Often local truck drivers work 10-14 hour days but it depends on your company. Also you can start at any time of the day, for example at 4:00 or 5:00 AM. However, longer hours will increase your paycheck as many companies offer overtime pay. 

It will be difficult to spend time with your family or friends as you want. Though local drivers stay at home every night, there may not be a lot of downtime between shifts. Some local drivers say that they get home to eat dinner, have a shower and go to sleep, and wake up every morning to do it all over again.

  • City Driving

Stress is an unavoidable component of the trucking career. City driving can be more stressful than driving on highways. Truck drivers can face delays, poor directions, and traffic constantly. If you prefer city driving, you should consider pros and cons truck driving.                 

Should you become a regional or local truck driver?

Local truck drivers work closer to their homes. They often haul goods within their own state and complete their routes during a day.

To choose what career is better for you—regional or local trucking—consider pros and cons of each position. First, think how much does local truck driver make and ensure that the position meets your requirements. Also, think if you want to be home daily or spend longer times away seeing the country. If you prefer to make frequent stops and assist with loading and unloading, local trucking is what you need.

Generally, there are advantages and disadvantages to every occupation choice. It all depends on who you are and what you expect out of life.