Truck Driving School

CDL Class A
Basic Program
(Automatic Only)

80 clock hours | $2,500

The basic 80 clock hours training program is a combination of the new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) DOT regulations and CA DMV Commercial State License requirements.

The program consists of Theory training in class with the Behind-the-Wheel Driving practice in the company yard and on the public roads.


Class A CDL Training Basic Program

If you want to have a high-demand job with great money-making opportunities, a truck driver career is the best option available on the market. The average pay for solo van drivers in 2019 was roughly $58,000 based on the Driver Compensation Study conducted by the American Trucking Association. Moreover, the truck driver job gives a chance to explore other states and to see different places as well. The spirit of the road freedom and safety habits will get into your blood and then all will flow naturally. This is how a new truck driver is born. The first step to this freedom is your CDL class A. This is where it all starts.

To become a professional truck driver, you must obtain your class A driver's license in CA. With the CDL class A license you will be allowed to operate heavy-duty semi-trucks and trailers combinations as:

You should be aware that some specialized vehicles as towing or oversize/overweight equipment may require additional safety training and driving practice before your employer allows you to drive them.

Our students will learn how to safely drive and operate truck class a and trailer combinations. Our programs cover theory and behind-the-wheel training based on state and federal requirements and regulations. We do our best to equip you with the right skills to get your class A truck driver's license. At the same time, we want you to get a full understanding of what stands behind the definition of "safe and professional truck driver" from the standpoint of motor carriers and industry partners. If you want to develop the right skills and be prepared for driving trucks, you better attend a California CDL class A truck driving school near me.

Class A CDL school «GO4CDL»: One of The Best Professional Truck Driving Schools in CA

As one of the best CDL class A truck driving schools in California in Rocklin, CA GO4CDL maintains a high level of training standards that will allow you to get CDL class A and to change your life eventually. We believe that after completing our CDL class A training program, you will have a high chance to achieve professional success in the trucking industry. Your persistence and dedication to safety are the keys.

GO4CDL: Class A CDL Driver

Safety is our first priority and we teach students to develop a safety-oriented set of driving skills and use defensive driving habits. In our program CDL class A truck driving school near me, we offer a comprehensive combination of classroom and online instructions, hands-on and behind-the-wheel driving training. The Standard Program training is completed on an automatic class A CDL truck and it takes up to 160 hours to complete it.

The core of the program has the following components as Theory training in class and online combined with the Behind-the-Wheel Driving practice in the company yard and on the public roads. Our class sizes allow giving each student more attention during training. During the training course, you will receive instruction in safety driving, transporting cargo safety, air brakes, combination vehicles. The training process includes pre-trip vehicle inspection, vehicle control, and on-road driving.

Nowadays safety, reliability, and fuel economy are important concerns in the transportation industry that's why it has been transitioning to automatic trucks from the old days' manual stick transmissions.

Our instructors do their best to prepare our students to successfully pass both the DMV written CLP knowledge test and the driving skills test.

We have available additional endorsement training as hazardous materials and tankers.

The graduates from our class A trucking school will find work as professional commercial drivers throughout the state, region, and nation. Our instructors are dedicated to helping and guiding our students to fulfill their professional goals.

How To Get Class A CDL?

If you want to earn your CDL, our CA class A truck driving school is ready to help you:

At GO4CDL, a student will receive:

Classroom Training

In our class a school near me the instructors will teach you safety around trucks, how to make pre-trip inspections, laws and CDL basics, general knowledge, important information about - speed and stopping, air brake systems, shifting, backing, couple/uncouple trailer, fuel, and electric systems, loading, dispatching, air brakes, combination vehicles, logbooks, and CDL permit test.

Driving Training

During driving training, our CDL class A truck Driving school near me will give you detailed information about – pre-trip inspections, shifting, turns, speed control, couple-uncouple, sliding 5th wheel, and tandem, straight-line backing, sight, and blind parallel backing, and alley dock backing.

Behind-the-Wheel Training

The most exciting part of your truck driving CDL class A is the Behind-the-Wheel Driving practice that is performed in the company yard and on the public roads.

We will teach you how to perform turns, cornering, merging, shifting, interstate driving, local and city driving, rural driving. This training at our CDL class A trucking school will prepare you for a CDL Road Test.

Why Do I Need This Program?

If you are looking for an exciting job to hit the road instead of sitting behind a desk, consider CDL class A training near me. A Class A CDL will allow you to be a local, regional or over-the-road truck driver for a dedicated carrier, also you can work as a supervisor, CDL training instructor, mechanic, or bus driver.

Looking for class A license schools near me? GO4CDL will give you everything you need to know to get your CDL and to be employed in the trucking industry.

How Much Does a Class A CDL Cost?

80 clock hours: $2,500.