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HazMat and Tanker Endorsement Program

8 clock hours | $550

Ready to drive HazMat, a tanker, or haul liquid loads? Then this training program will help you to get the right endorsement.

*Additional fees applicable - see our FAQ section to find out more information - applicable for ALL programs, not only for N Tanker.

HazMat & Tanker Endorsement Program

H HazMat Endorsement Program

The first step to getting a good career in the trucking industry is to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you want to advance your career, you need to get proper endorsements, so you can remove restrictions.

If you have a Class A truck driver’s license and want to earn more, you need to get a Hazmat endorsement program. You will have an opportunity to run Hazmat freight and to make more money per mile than a general truck driver will. Also, you will have more options with a Hazmat endorsement such as additional freight and better miles.

You will transport hazardous materials such as gasoline or perfume from Point A to Point B. These materials require special care to avoid having a detrimental effect on the environment.

So, if you want to become a hazmat truck driver and create new opportunities for yourself in the trucking industry, you need to know how to pass the trucker country hazmat practice test. Go4CDL will teach how you can become a driver with a Hazmat endorsement program and how our trucking school can help to pass the hazmat endorsement California test.

GO4CDL: HazMat Endorsement Program

What Are The Types Of Hazmat Endorsements?

In addition to the CDL itself, you’ll also need some special endorsements to work as a hazmat driver. An endorsement is essentially extra permission you have with the general licensure to operate a commercial vehicle. There are three different types of Hazmat endorsements available for Class-A truck drivers:

How Can I Get A CDL Hazmat Endorsement?

To get a CDL Hazmat endorsement, you will have to deal with the federal government and the state government that gave you a CDL. You have to pass the trucker country hazmat test administered by the state and undergo a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) assessment.

In addition, you need to know all requirements to apply for a Hazmat endorsement on CDL:

The necessity of CDL hazmat training at GO4CDL

Regular hazmat training for CDL drivers is an obvious necessity. Our trucking school Go4CDL offers convenient and high-quality hazmat driver training.

Our program covers all industries and provides CDL HazMat training in different aspects from environmental health to unexploded ordnance removal. Our hazmat training and resources are available through classroom and hands-on skills training.

At our CDL HazMat training courses, you will learn the latest information on the regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous materials. Our instructors are certified and experienced in the hazmat transportation industry. They contentiously monitor changes in the regulations and know updated information on proper hazardous materials handling and transportation.

N Tanker Endorsement Program

With a class A CDL, you can drive most types of semi-trucks. However, if you want to advance your career and make more money, you need to get additional endorsements. The tanker endorsement for CDL is one example of these additional certifications. So-called the “N” endorsement allows to haul more and receive experience in the transportation industry. It will give you amazing opportunities in the future.

GO4CDL: Tanker Endorsement Program

What is a tanker endorsement?

As you know, in 2011 the FMCSA created additional requirements for a tanker endorsement CDL that include certain rules and regulations. Drivers must have the degree of training that allows them to haul liquid loads safely across roads. They must be licensed because they need certain skills to haul liquids in a tanker. Without training truck drivers can be incredibly dangerous and cause an accident.

A CDL endorsements tanker is required when:

To receive a tanker endorsement, you must have a current CDL and pass the tanker endorsement test in California. Such kinds of vehicles have required this certification - portable tanks, attached tanks, filled cylinders, or IBCs filled with liquid.

Main types of tanker endorsements:

Requirements for applying a tanker endorsement on CDL:

How Much Is A Tanker Endorsement?

A tanker endorsement cost is different and depends on your state. But remember, you must have your CDL before applying for this certification. You can check with your state DMV for specific pricing of the tanker endorsement and know if the price is included together with the hazmat endorsement into the X endorsement.

How Can I Earn a Tank Endorsement?

To earn your tankers license, you are required to pass an additional portion of the CDL test. This test includes 20-30 questions. A driver must achieve an 80% correct answer to pass the ca tanker endorsement test. The exam includes questions about safely transporting liquid or gaseous materials:

Passing your tanker endorsement test will help you show the skills needed for presenting yourself as a responsible, dependable, and quality tank driver. So, you can receive more job offerings as a tank driver.

Advance Your Career with GO4CDL

Now, you already know what is a tanker endorsement. Let’s make this endorsement be no longer so hard to receive it. The tanker endorsement has such rules and regulations that can be scary, especially for those drivers who are new in the trucking career. Our trucking school GO4CDL is ready to help you.

We provide our truckers with a quality foundation for their career with our exceptional tanker truck driver training. In our CDL school, you will receive all the resources and tools you need to be successful in your trucking career. If you want to advance your career, contact us and start your education today.

To be a tank driver, you need to know general safety rules as well as those that are specific to hauling fluids. Our instructors will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a tank driver. Our program includes the basics you need to pass your tanker endorsement test.

With a tanker license, you can transport higher-paying loads and have more hauling opportunities. If you’re a new driver and want to receive more career opportunities, contact our trucking school to learn how to earn your CDL with tanker endorsement at GO4CDL.

Get Your CDL Career Started With Go4CDL!

A career as a hazmat truck driver has many amazing opportunities to earn excellent money! Additional endorsements such as the Hazmat endorsement can double your earnings. The first step to your dream is to get the necessary training. Go4CDL is the trucking school where you can receive the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the California hazmat endorsement test.

At Go4CDL, the program for hazmat truck drivers is tailored to various industries that fulfill all the DOT, EPA, and OSHA requirements. Our instructors are ready to help you succeed with everything you need to pass the ca hazmat endorsement test.

As a hazmat driver, you will receive some significant benefits, so the training in the trucking school Go4CDL is well worth the reward. With our quality training, you’ll be ready to pass your country trucker hazmat test and get behind the wheel to transport hazardous materials safely.

If you’d like to get your career as a hazmat truck driver, contact Go4CDL to learn how we can help you pass the hazmat endorsement test in California. Opportunities to earn great money in the truck driving industry are available today!